Wednesday, 7 September 2016


"Freckles" she wanted me to take a photo of her lipgloss, but I just can not go past the sprinkling of freckles on her nose, I loved her near perfect skin and was worried that the appearance of the freckles were due to my recklessness on sun safety but then at the same time they are cute and add so much character.

"Big Boy" he has decided that he is no longer required to sit in the high chair and climbs into J's seat as he pleases, he has been putting up fights to go in the highchair and will sometimes refuse to bend his legs.  He is a big boy now and this photo really shows him as a boy, no longer my baby.

M x

Thursday, 1 September 2016


"Chocolate smiles" the afternoon sun is best in Joselyn's room (in winter, in summer we will avoid it like the plague) and you'll often find the three of us sitting on her bed soaking up the last of the sun before the dinner, bath, bed ritual begins.  I'm not at all sure what we had for afternoon tea (obviously something chocolate) or which particular day last week this was taken as the week has been a blur of head colds and sleepless nights but I do know that we were reading the wiggles book playing with one of those snap bangles and it was funny. So funny that I had too many smiling faces to choose between but I felt this one was the best one of all.

"Knock Knock" someone has discovered the cubby house and more importantly the door, he climbs the stairs and goes straight for the doorbell and then opens and closes the door saying what sounds like "Hello" upon his reappearance from inside, he opens the windows pulls back the curtains and waves.  It is all very cute once he is up there but the climb of the stairs gives me heart palpitations.

M x

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


"swimming" we've started back at swimming and this is the perfect time to try out our new favourite hair do "two buns", I think she looks particularly grown up with her hair this way and she thinks her new swimmers are awesome.

"Cheek" this little smile is indicating that he is about to get up to some mischief what I'm not entirely sure but I get this look constantly during the day.

M x


"Winter Beach daze" it was a quick dash to the beach for morning tea but it was enjoyed by all, this so called winter has been the best yet!

M x


 "Rockstar" someone doesn't do mornings very well especially cold mornings, she likes the sun to warm her up but isn't a fan of the "bright lights" so we have come to a solution, sunglasses over breakfast.... she is my little rockstar.

"Profile" his little nose and those lips, I just can not get enough of this gorgeous boy!

Photos are a bit lacking for this week as we have been unwell and I'm playing catch up with what I have.

M x

Wednesday, 10 August 2016


We were all pretty sick in July so spent a lot of time around the house not doing much and then we went home to the hunter valley to visit family and friends and didn't take our camera.  Therefore July is a bit light on for photos but either way here are our memories.

It was fabulous!

M x


The main thing that has turned these posts into a job is putting the photos in order.... So this month I'm not going to bother.  Here is June a bit late but never the less its here and ready for memory capturing.

Adam's Birthday, choc explosion cake... All three of them couldn't take their eyes off it...

We've started growing succulents, joselyn is such a good helper with me in the garden its been a great project for us to do together.

My blue eyed boy is just growing so fast he had his first birthday this month.

Henry's first birthday party

Monthly milestone stickers, the last one.  I can thankfully say that this time I got every month.

We started dancing and she absolutely loves it and she is just a gorgeous girl!

Spaghetti shenanigans

We made a scarecrow for our succulent garden

Joselyn's Birthday party

Our adventures on the sunny coast, Australia zoo with Aunty Kate and Uncle Joel.

And the skate park

Thank you June you were fabulous.

M x