Wednesday, 3 August 2016


"Cheeky princess"  joselyn is starting to demand her own style, at the moment we have been wearing our princess crown where ever we can, she is surprisingly shy when anyone mentions it.  I loved how she let me put her hair in two buns for dancing this week she looked so grown up.

"Bruised"  Henry has been in the wars, three knocks to the head in the same spot has left a mighty find bump on his head with a very colourful bruise to match, it looks really bad, I feel that we are getting a lot of attention in the shops because of it.  I'm not particularly sure why he has ended up with so many bumps so young, I don't feel that he is any more adventurous than his sister and I don't feel my parenting style is any different with him, although maybe it should be as there seem to be a lot more obstacles when there are two children.  Glue, buttons, glitter and marbles were not really around when Joselyn was this age.

M xo

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