Thursday, 1 September 2016


"Chocolate smiles" the afternoon sun is best in Joselyn's room (in winter, in summer we will avoid it like the plague) and you'll often find the three of us sitting on her bed soaking up the last of the sun before the dinner, bath, bed ritual begins.  I'm not at all sure what we had for afternoon tea (obviously something chocolate) or which particular day last week this was taken as the week has been a blur of head colds and sleepless nights but I do know that we were reading the wiggles book playing with one of those snap bangles and it was funny. So funny that I had too many smiling faces to choose between but I felt this one was the best one of all.

"Knock Knock" someone has discovered the cubby house and more importantly the door, he climbs the stairs and goes straight for the doorbell and then opens and closes the door saying what sounds like "Hello" upon his reappearance from inside, he opens the windows pulls back the curtains and waves.  It is all very cute once he is up there but the climb of the stairs gives me heart palpitations.

M x

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