Sunday, 13 March 2011


I'm a very lucky girl!  I'm lucky for many reasons but today's post is about my luck to have been blessed enough to get to have spent so much time with my grandfathers (Poppy's).  

I'm one of those lucky few who was born into this world with all of my grandparents and not only that, I was also born when they were still relatively young. Which means I've had the pleasure of getting to know them as a child and then have a beer with them as an adult.

This week I attended the funeral of my Poppy Murrell.  This is the second grandparent I've lost in two years, last year I lost Poppy Barnett. Between the two of them they supported me in ways that are unexplainable and are possibly the most influential men in my life.  My dad hasn't really been around and they were there to fill the gaps, they helped me with my first car, fixed me when I was hurt and provided love and support whenever I needed it.

I will miss them both so much and am really feeling the loss this week with Poppy Murrell's passing.  He used to email me frequently, he would laugh with me, give me advice and tell me crazy Jokes. 

The purpose of this post is to recognise them and what they have done for me, I hope that the beer is cold and the hangovers are small in Heaven and you guys are having fun. I will miss you but you are always in my heart.


The below pictures are some of my favourite pictures.

Poppy Murrell and me as a young one, this is possibly one of my faviouites and was on Poppy's dressing table as long as I could remember.

Poppy Murrell and Poppy Barnett at my 21st Birthday Party.

My Husband, Poppy Murrell, Me and Nanny Murrell at my wedding late last year. He was very sick but he made it and was so happy to be there.

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