Sunday, 16 January 2011


Inception Blu-Ray Cover

I missed this one at the movies but was happy to see that it came with not only a Blu-Ray disk but a DVD AND a Digital copy (which is good for the ipod but also exciting now that we have an Apple TV contraption from Santa). 

The thing that I loved about this movie was that it had me thinking about my own dreams and how real they can be, the thing I didn't like was the amount of times I thought "Huh?". One gaping hole in particular for me was when the car started falling in the first dream, but gravity was maintained in the third dream or the Snow dream, how is that possible? 

I found the ending very intriguing and the concept that a guy who was so obsessed by reality didn't even wait to check that it was in fact reality before running to his children because he hadn't seen them in so long. Was it reality or just another dream, I guess we'll never know but do we really care if we are happy with what it provides?

From M I'll give it a 4 for making me think hard.

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