Sunday, 9 January 2011

Love & Other Drugs

Love & Other Drugs Poster

Within the first 10 to 15 minutes of the movie starting I was sitting there thinking, Here we go again, another Romantic comedy for me to go home and wish my man was more perfect than he is because he doesn't have a group of writers writing his lines for him BUT I was surprised to discover that this movie was a little more than that.

Sure the movie was the typical plot of a Boy who is a player, meets a girl, they have crazy sex, fall for each other, start an exclusive relationship, have highs and lows and then break up to discover they can not be without each other... Whoops did I spoil the ending? But seriously you know the one, we've all seen at least one before. Well surprisingly, this one actually had another layer, the girl was also a player and after crazy sex too but because she has an illness, that she didn't want to force upon any companion. This took the movie to explore the levels of complexity that a relationship reaches when an illness is involved and the level of commitment that is required. 

I found the career of Jake Gyllenhaal's character interesting as the drug sales rep doing all he can to push his brand onto doctors. There were some passionate love scenes and a heap of nudity which at some stages had me thinking that this relationship was only about the sex but there was a point that it changed. The brother was on the edge of being a bit disturbing for me and a few scenes could have been left out but I think showed the change in Gyllenhaal's character.

From m it can have a 3

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