Saturday, 21 June 2014

Toy Story 3

I've been home sick with a toddler and although it's not nice to have a sick child, I have been excited to introduce her to some Disney classics, she hasn't exactly been that interested in many of them but she has taken a liking to Toy Story which is really nice as there are 3 of them and it's a movie series I love to watch.

My disclaimer is that I love toy story that much that at our wedding  the first dance that my husband and I shared was to "you've got a friend in me" from the toy story 2 soundtrack...

My absolute favourite of the toy story series is the 3rd - I think it's the most beautiful movie and has it all covered. I can not fault the movie at all - I laugh, cry and feel emotions each and every time I watch it. I especially get emotional in the final scene where the grown up Andy is giving his precious toys away to the little girl Bonnie.

I honestly can not work out what it is about this scene that has me crying like a baby every time I watch it and even as I type now, just thinking about it I have a tear in my eye. I wonder if it's the symbolic gesture of giving away your childhood toys brings that feeling of saying goodbye to my own childhood? Or is it that I personally could never bring myself to give up my childhood teddy bear? Or is it because now as a mum I think about my own child growing up and the short time that I have left to prepare her for the big world? Whatever it is no movie has me feel this way every time I watch it and that is why after all this time I still give this movie a perfect 10.

M x

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