Monday, 28 December 2015

2015 a year in review...

As we approach the night that marks the end of another year I'm one that quickly moves to reflection, I have questions running around in my brain. Another year, what have I accomplished? what have I changed? where to next?

So what did I do?

By leaps and bounds 2015's biggest event was the arrival of our baby Henry. He really has made our little family complete. I was so nervous he was going to come and disrupt the dynamic we had established but here he is 6 months in and is fitting in perfectly. Watching him build a relationship with his 3 year old sister makes my heart melt - I just love watching them from afar interact & laugh with each other.

Henry's arrival brought with it an abundance of visitors which is always lovely, but we also had visits prior to his arrival from my aunt & uncles including a visit from the hobbits on tour (Darren & Brett) and then Darren & Amanda visited for Joselyn's Birthday.

Our little girl Joselyn was 3 this year but It wasn't until the week she became a big sister that I realised how grownup she was becoming. It was almost overnight that she transformed from a toddler into a little girl or should I say Princess...

The year was filled with birthday parties so it was only fitting that we had our own princess party fit with a castle cake! 

The bond between her and her dad has grown so much this year they have a gorgeous relationship always having a laugh. It's something that I love watching and am extremely grateful that they have.

2015 was a year of shows these included season tickets to the ballet, La Sylphide, Sleeping Beauty & the Nutcracker (unfortunately I missed Peter Pan due to Henry's on time arrival). Wicked with the Billabong girls for Kylie's 40th, Cirque du Soleil - Totem with Adam and Dirty Dancing & Strictly Ballroom with Kate. I also took Joselyn to TWO wiggles concerts! 

We've spent a fair bit of time enjoying the simplicity of life this year and making the most of what we have, which was my goal at the start of the year.We've had a few trips to mum's at Scotts Head for Easter, again in October for our Wedding Anniversary and then again when they came home in November.

We've also made the most of our theme park passes this year.

And really made the most of time spent at home.

Although I didn't stick to the goal of making a new meal each week, I did stay on top of the clothes washing from last year and the bed making from the year before. Plus I think you'll agree I've made major steps towards enjoying moments, slowing down & simplifying goals of this year too. So what's next? 

My goals for 2016 are most importantly to continue to "simplify" take on less and enjoy the moments. 

I'd like to add to my regular Pilates exercise regime, maybe go back to two a week and maybe add walking or a bike ride once a week & attempt yoga (apparently it'll be good for my busy mind). 

I'd love to complete the photo projects of a yearly photo memory book from 2011 to now combined with the "watch me grow" film clip series.

And finally I'd like to make time to regularly contribute to this blog. I plan on participating in the 52 project taking a photo a week of each of my children.

This will be my first year without "weight" related resolutions but after reading a post by the moderation movement, I think I should move towards body acceptance and not looking to always "better" my body, nothing wrong with being me! I want to enjoy what I have & be proud of it rather than constantly trying to change it by restriction of things I love. With that in mind I'd like to have a health goal of trying to have more "green smoothies" and less take away meals - that's all! 

Now they are in writing I've got no excuses!!

M x 

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