Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Orphan Black

I was recommended this TV series by two of my Netflix friends- they said I'd love it... And I did. The concept is great. It's something a little bit different to the dramas I've been watching, there were a few plot holes and really corny moments but at the end of season 2 I can safely say both Adam & I watched it and both enjoyed it!

The story follows Sarah a cool punk chick with a drug dealing boyfriend. She isn't enjoying her life and is sitting at a train station contemplating her options when all of a sudden appears a girl that looks exactly like her and the lookalike steps straight in front of the on coming train. In a split second decision Sarah picks up the dead girls bag and decides to take on her identity. She becomes Beth Childs a cop who has discovered she is a clone & has been in contact with 9 others that are also clones. As the series unfolds it's reveled that the illegal experiment is being conducted by a group of scientists.

The most fascinating part of the series for me is that the same actress plays all the "clone" parts she does such a good job and I find myself fascinated that she's the same person.

Look it's not the most amazing series or anything but it's worth a watch. I give it a 7 out of 10. I'm at the end of series 2! 

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