Friday, 1 January 2016

Inside Out

This is such a beautiful movie with a gorgeous theme perfectly timed for our daughter as its release aligned when we are teaching her about her "feelings".

The film is layered with so many different levels of lessons for young to old. I found myself adjusting & thinking about my own feelings & parenting style after watching it. Disney Pixar always does a really good job of making movies that are for children and their parents, I really can't get enough of their films!

The movie is about a little girl Riley and the feelings in her head. Joy, sadness, fear, disgust, and Anger. The major lesson for me from the movie is that your life doesn't need to be happy or "joyful" all of the time. Some of our most defining moments can come from moments of sadness, anger, fear or disgust!

The world really does have a focus on being happy just think of the phrases "happy" new year and "happy" birthday.  I'm not at all suggesting that happiness isn't important just more coming to terms with the fact that you can be joyful but sad or angry at the same time and not being joyful isn't necessarily a bad thing and doesn't mean you've got to be cheered up or distracted, sometimes just feeling the feelings and understanding them and talking about it is all that's needed. I found the scene with BingBong and the rocket really captured this, Joy was trying to distract him from feeling sad but sadness just sat with him and listened to why he was sad.

I just found this really thought provoking in terms of dealing with my own & my children's sadness! 

This movie is up there for me 9 out of 10

M x

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