Saturday, 23 January 2016

Yoga Camp - Day 9 - I am Bold

Today I found myself home with Henry asleep just wanting to read my book but I peeled my eyes away and did my practice. I'm glad I did I feel strong, proud and balance.

I'm not sure what the I am bold mantra means to me, Nan would always call be a bold girl when I was a baby so I know I have boldness... Bold is a strange word when you write it over and over. I am BOLD. I am BOLD! Boldly go where no camper has gone before! “I see pride, I see power,  I see a bold ass mother who don't no crap off nobody!” Cool runnings! 

I am bold, I am fearless, I am ready to risk my career for my family. I will find what makes me happy and strive to do that!

M x

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