Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Big Bad Wolf

I know that kids need boundaries and the boundaries need to be enforced but the last few weeks I just feel like I'm the big bad wolf or the enforcer, or fun police or whatever label you choose to put on it and I'm just left feeling even more cranky!

I don't want to be a mum that doesn't have fun and that's known as being cranky all the time. I want to be a fun mum!!

My biggest fear of being the "big bad wolf" is that Joselyn will be too scared to talk to me about things and I want her to have the confidence to tell me ANYTHING!! I don't want her to be scared of me but I do want her to do what she's told, when she's told when I use my I mean it voice.  

Last night she refused to kiss me goodnight & I went to bed feeling heartbroken, tonight she went to bed upset & when I tried to talk to her she refused to speak. 

I try to remind myself that she's only 3 and to not be so hard on her but then I worry that we aren't hard enough!! 

I'm so nervous to hit those teenage years, at least I have a few years of practice!

M x


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