Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Yoga Camp - Day 6 - I am Supported

I've been away at mums for a week & i didn't have my yoga mat & I was tired but i feel that I was really just using that as an excuse as the phrase "6 pack abs" had me worried that it would be hard & put it off. I'm disappointed that I didn't keep up the continuous practice but I have no one to blame for it but myself & really there is no point in beating myself up over it!!

Today wasn't at all as hard as I had envisioned it was fine & the mantra really had me smiling - I am supported! I have the most wonderful husband, friends & family that support me in any of my ventures. Plus my body showed that it too is supportive, it survived ab day! It's created two beautiful babies & still continues to feed one of them. 

No looking back only forward- see you tomorrow or maybe even tonight if the kids go to sleep early enough!

I am supported & I can do this! 

M x

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