Monday, 4 January 2016


Here we go... Week 1.

This year I am attempting to participate in the 52 project which is a photo a week, each week of my Children.  Bare with me I don't really know what I'm doing yet, I've only started playing with the manual setting on my brand new camera this week and I have no idea how to edit but live and learn I say and hopefully by the end of the year I'll know what I'm doing!

Above in order we have...

"Blue Eye Raspberry" Master Henry at home blowing raspberries in the highchair, those dreamy eyes and his strawberry and cream complexion I couldn't resist a photo of him. He is growing so quickly and is now happy sitting up in the Kitchen in his chair watching the world.

"Higher" Miss Joselyn right where she loves to be on the swing. We went on an adventure to Brunswick Heads while Daddy was on Holidays with us. She is just so happy to sit and be pushed all day long, I sometimes wish for the day that she can learn to swing herself but I'm sure it will be a bitter sweet moment because then she'll be grown even more.

"Fur Ball" My original baby, my fur baby.  As I said my camera is new and I've been playing around with the settings, I love this photo of Minnie and couldn't resist adding it.  She won't make an appearance every week but I dare say that she will be in a few scattered through the year.

"My Darling husband", I was playing with the manual settings and just love this black and white image I captured of him.  Usually his eyes are something I can't look away from because of their piercing blue colour but even in this photo I can't help but look straight into the windows of his kind hearted soul.

So there we go, please forgive me if these photos are not "photographic brilliance" I'm learning and hope to grow from week to week.

M x