Sunday, 31 January 2016

Yoga Camp - Day 10 - I am Present

This is what I'm here for today's mantra is my mantra for the year - I am present! I want to be more present in all aspects of my life, present with my children, my husband, while I eat and while I exercise. 

My mind is a busy one and presence isn't easy for me to come by...  I was trying to squeeze the practice into my day while my husband the children were entertained, that wasn't the best idea I kept coming out of the moment looking at what my husband was doing, wondering what miss 3 year old is doing and thinking about getting the washing off. I actually stopped and told my husband at one point to put the biscuits he'd just opened in the biscuit jar rather than a Tupperware container... Let it go woman! Be present! Might have to do this one again and again to get myself there, practice makes perfect! 

M xo

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