Friday, 22 January 2016

Yoga Camp - Day 8 - I Choose

Today in yoga camp I had a beautiful little yogi join me...  Miss J, it brought a smile to my face watching her attempt to mimick the moves I was doing & as described in the movie, big deep breaths & all.

Today's mantra was I choose. I choose to make time for myself, I choose to be present in the moment & enjoy motherhood. 

Joselyn couldn't have chosen a better day to join me, it made me think about why I'm doing this... I choose to be a good role model to her & her brother. I know she's all about daddy but it made me realize how much she looks up to me too. I choose to make time for myself & enjoy these beautiful heartfelt moments because I choose not to be at work & to be here present & enjoying the time I have with my kids. 

I choose to be present, let go of all the crap & enjoy my life... My heart feels full today! 

M x

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