Friday, 8 January 2016

Yoga Camp - Day 5 - I am Alive

Yesterday I just didn't get there and I went to bed with a bit of guilt that I had "failed" my 30 day mission but after getting my husband off to work and daughter to daycare, my son to sleep and a load of washing hung out there was NO EXCUSE!

It was the perfect session to awaken me from my self pity & realise that it isn't the end and I haven't failed, just got to pick myself up & keep trying!

I am alive and well, I am alive in this world, I am alive and present, I awaken my mind, my body and my spirit from its slumber. I am alive and welcome 2016 with open arms, 2016 with its 12 months of possibilities & countless days to do whatever I want with!

I am alive and so grateful for this life!  

M x 

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