Tuesday, 21 June 2016


 "Skater Girl" First visit to a skate park while on holidays, the weather wasn't awesome so we headed out to the skate park across the road.  Joselyn was so excited to ride fast over the ramps and blew Adam and I away with her ability, she was better than we had expected... I'm not sure what it is about this photo, I think its the light and her messy bun but either way Joselyn and I picked it for this week.

"Sticky Beak"  Henry enjoyed the visit to the skate park too he had his first ride on the scooter assisted by Daddy.  Here he was minding the scooter while Adam and Joselyn explored, he was checking out something that was going on behind me in the carpark, I couldn't capture his attention.  He looked super cute in his outfit & enjoyed his morning at the skate park.

M x

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