Monday, 20 June 2016


I'm a bit late with the May post, I feel like I've taken on too much - as I tend to do but I really don't want to leave it unfinished.  I need to learn the lesson of less is more!

A lot of help with the washing this month from Henry, he either pushes the trolley or swings in the swing while I hang it out and take it off.

Getting the most out of our last months worth of theme park passes for MovieWorld and SeaWorld, we have been meeting our friends and having fun on the rides and watching the shows.

Henry has been extreemly clingy holding onto my leg pretty much all month, it makes my days slow because I can not move as easily from task to task with a koala clinging on to my leg.

We started dancing again now that swimming is on winter break, I am amazed at what a difference 12 months makes, joselyn is really enjoying the classes and showing me her skills.  The class is very professional, concerts and all and mummy isn't allowed in the room to watch the lesson.  An hour of sitting and waiting is something that could be quiet pleasant or terrible depending on Henry!

Big girl baby has been back with a vengeance, driving me absolutely crazy but at the same time makes me feel a little sad, does she want to be a baby because she feels it gets her more attention...

I've started succulent gardening, I'm going to try and make little gifts up for christmas presents this year instead of costing money they will cost me in time, more love that way!

My little apprentice masterchef is loving the kitchen this month, in preparation for birthday month we have been getting our bake on!

Sometimes he likes to eat with a view, the flowers we got delivered to Joselyn as a surprise.  She loves flowers an had been having a tricking week with friends at school running away from her, so I wanted to remind her that she was special to us.

I plaited her hair in pigtails, which was a first time event for me, her hair is so fine I have difficulties doing anything except a ponytail, some up some down or a top knot.

We had a lovely adventure in the park complete with a sprinkle bun until we were invaded by green ants...

Henry started walking. I love this series of photos taken of him walking to joselyn, the encouragement on her face & his little toddle is so lovely!

We went to our first Machinery Day. I'm surprised to say we had an absolute ball and stayed all day.

My flower obsessed child.

Birthday parties galore we are all turning 4, I love the fact that we have been friends since prenatal classes and continue to see each other regularly.

Henry knows how to use a microphone.

 Henry is 11 months... I can not believe it.

M x

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