Monday, 27 June 2016


Sparkles - Joselyn got some glitter for her birthday, I put off playing with it as long as I could (bad mummy) but the time eventually came, there was glitter everywhere, I'm actually still finding it in places I don't really want it.  Oh what fun she had making a beautiful sparkling creation that she then decided was for Nanny June's birthday tomorrow, no matter how many times I told her it wasn't until next month I was wrong it is tomorrow.

Water Boy - this guy and water are like a magnetic force, every time I turn around he has found something with water.  The bathroom, the dog bowl, a water bottle and this cheeky grin goes along with it, a look of I know you're not going to like this mum but I'm going to do it anyway!!

I made it half way, yay me!
M x

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  1. Haha! My vacuum is constantly full of glitter. Love this shot! x