Thursday, 10 March 2016

These Days

Right now I'm sitting in the driveway in the car with a sleeping baby while my 3 year old is inside the house watching a DVD... I feel like I'm doing something bad but I know that this sleep can be a turning point of how my day and night turns out.

Most days juggling two children and a fur baby my mind flips between two thoughts... "I've got this and I'm totally nailing it" and the second "I can't cope, I'm failing and am a terrible mother"

A wise person has told me to approach my parenting with a "good enough" method this is a long stretch from my previous mantra of "good, better, best. Never let it rest, till your good is better, and your better best". He told me rather than striving for perfection focus on just meeting the basic needs.

In days like these I am constantly reminding myself of the "good enough" approach, disagreeing with my "you can't do this" thoughts and pushing through.

Days like today I really want to curl up in the corner & cry. We've had poo that missed the toilet & travelled up the hallway, a baby that won't sleep, a dog that won't stop barking, washing to hangout, swimming lessons, a sleeping baby, a hungry & attention seeking little girl, a barking dog and an exhausted mummy.... Are the basic needs being met? Yep, totally nailing it! 

 M x 

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