Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Good vs Bad

I was told today that I've always had a good kid verses someone else who's kid is a handful... I replied with yes my daughter is good but it's taken work for us to get to this place. They replied it's because she's a girl and she's always been good because she plays by herself & I once again replied yes because I've encouraged her to.

It's got me thinking is it really that simple? By me placing very limited boundaries on my kids around what they can and can not touch & leaving them to explore their home environment on their own with minimal supervision did it encourage & Foster independent play?  I don't want to sound like I hold the key to successful child rearing (especially when I've got one that isn't even a year old who could very quickly rain on my parade) because it's not that simple. I'd love to borrow a "naughty" kid for a month and see if my relaxed play environment would change the independent play? I then think about my friend with twins & wonder if one is more difficult or are they parenting differently.

Nature verses nurture... Food for thought

Good night 

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