Monday, 7 March 2016


"Sprinklers ARE Fun" this photo captures a moment after one the biggest "fights" J and I have had so far, she didn't want the sprinkler on no matter how hard I tried to convince her that it wouldn't hurt her.  I find it hard to push her out of her comfort zone and not give in especially when she gets this upset but this photo is a reminder that even though it was tough, we will get there in the end. They are learning and growing and this phase shall pass.

"Blue eyed Boy" our monthly photo shoot with milestone stickers for Henry's first year is getting harder and harder as each month passes, he isn't happy "sitting pretty" while I perfect the light and work on cracking a smile.  Instead he wants to sit in front of the door and see what Minnie is barking at.  I could get lost for days in those eyes!!

M x

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