Monday, 29 February 2016


Here we are another month done and dusted, I can not believe that today is the last day of Summer.  I'm the first to admit that I quickly get over things so I'm pretty proud to report that I am still using my brand new camera and I have taken enough shots to compile a second monthly post.  I actually had too many photos to post and had to do some major culling.

The month continued with Happy Henry enjoying time in the high chair, I'm not sure how much food he actually gets in his mouth, there is a lot of cleaning up to be done after each meal but either way he seems to be enjoying himself.

We spent a lot of time hanging out at home in very little clothing as it has been so hot.  Joselyn jumped on the trampoline most afternoons and a couple of times I even joined her.

Henry ate a Banana for the first time, pretty sure he enjoyed it!

Joselyn went goth with some bath crayons using them as makeup

Joselyn has really been into "helping" she will do any task to help mummy or daddy which has been nice, I've been trying to accommodate this and make sure that I can find a job for her.  This was her preparing the pizza bases for our pizza party.

February brings to surfers paradise the sand sculptures so we decided to make a date of it and have some burgers and a milkshake at a new place in Surfers called Betty's Burgers, it was yummy.  Unfortunately there was only two sand sculptures ready to view but we still had fun playing in the water fountains and ended up going again later in the month.

Henry has been moving, his crawling style is quiet unique he gets up on his foot and moves around that way, I think this pose looks a bit like spiderman.

I rearranged the toy room this month which has meant that we have been spending more time playing out here.  I've created a new home corner, dress up corner and craft corner.
Here is your Pumpkin Mummy

Making Valentines Day cards for Daddy

Henry being on the move has meant that nothing is safe, he has been caught in the glitter, pulling out games and puzzles and has been getting bumps on the head quiet often. We have had a few bruises this month from him pulling himself up on things that aren't stable enough to hold his weight.

We have been spending a bit of time outside again trying to escape the hot house, we have been painting cardboard boxes, playing in the teepee and just sitting outside on the blanket to try catch a breeze.

Joselyn and Henry playing together for one of the first times, Mummy wasn't allowed in the tent.  Joselyn was trying to tie the tent up to lock me out.
Henry's interesting crawling style again.

Henry has had a need to always be touching mummy this month.

Joselyn showing me she is a big girl putting her undies on all by herself after doing a wee on the grass... It was too hot to go inside!

Henry hasn't been the happiest boy this month, wanting to be held all day and in this heat it has meant that we've seen this face a bit!

We had an adventure day at Sea World with Daddy and Aunty Kate it was fun.

Joselyn had an accident so mummy took her on the pirate ship to cover up the fact her pants were wet... Didn't expect to get this wet but we had fun.

Lots of first this month for Henry, his first bounce in the Jolly Jumper and first swing in the swing.  Joselyn was a really lovely big sister giving him a push.

She is just so stunning - sometimes I can not help but stare at her.
 More Outside time and Henry cuddles

Painting the cement is one of our favourite activities in the heat, a bucket and a paint brush and that is all we need.

Henry has taken to sleeping only in his pram during the day... I shouldn't complain at least I've finally got him sleeping, even if it is in his pram.  It has been so hot we have been putting him to sleep in the pram and then leaving him under the pedal stool fan.

Joselyn is just such a cool dude playing with the airplane in her sunnies.

Our second attempt at seeing the sand sculptures was a success.

Joselyn wanted her photo with the "tall Buildings"

We headed off to scotts head for a few days with Nana and Poppy, the beach was superb.

Henry ate his first milk arrowroot biscuit.

Nana and Poppy took us to meet Ma and Pa where we then went with them for a couple of days in Foster.  Joselyn was most excited that there was a bunk bed "tall bed" and begged to sleep on the top bunk.  As nervous as I was, I couldn't say no.  We had a lovely trip with Ma and Pa, spending time at the park and the beach and scooting around town.

After our holiday with Ma and Pa we headed back to Scotts Head with Nana and Poppy, on the way home we purchased two of the biggest watermelons we ever did see off the side of the road in a stall.  Henry loves watermelon.

Well that is it for another month.  I hope to have more photos for you next month and hopefully my photography skills improve even more over the next few weeks.

M x