Monday, 15 February 2016


This week was a bit exhausting, Henry hasn't been sleeping very well for about two weeks and I think the lack of sleep caught up on me combined with the fact that Joselyn was sick and didn't go to kindy on Wednesday left me feeling a bit flat in energy as I tried to get things done between a clingy baby, and sick 3 year old.

 "Sunshine Painter" was taken on a Friday afternoon, we were all tired and no one was sleeping so we made a decision to go outside and get some vitamin D on our skin.  J happily painted a cardboard box, while I clicked away and Henry ate grass. The sun peaked in and out from behind the clouds.

"What's going on out here" this was a lovely moment on that same Friday afternoon where Joselyn and Henry were playing together in the tepee, Master Henry the stickybeak he is just wanted to check that he wasn't missing out on anything. It's one of the first times they have played together and it was so nice, I'm sure there will be plenty of these moments to come as Henry becomes more and more mobile.

M x


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  2. Sorry for the double posts - having a bit of trouble commenting. But it looks like you had a beautiful Friday afternoon. Your photo titles are wonderful!

    1. Oh Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment M x