Monday, 29 February 2016


We've been down south this week.  Firstly to my Mum's again at Scotts Head and then to Foster for a mini break with my in laws.  It was nice to get away from our usual daily grind and get some salt and sand everywhere...  Today with have a little bit of the post holiday blues but in three weeks we are headed down south again for Easter holidays and this time with Daddy so no need to be too sad.

"Salt in my toes" we were so very impressed by low tide at Scotts Head Beach, it was one of those beautiful days we could've played by the ocean for hours, in hindsight we should of sent Henry home with Nana and Poppy and played for hours. Joselyn had so much fun playing in the rock pools, she has developed quiet a fear of the waves due to an unfortunate incident after Christmas.  Hopefully Daddy can get her back out there on her surfboard at Easter. 

"Sand in my Fingers" this time we are at Foster Beach, Henry found the water a bit cool but was more than happy to play in the sand up at the umbrella.  He was memorised by the feeling of the sand between his fingers and even had a "taste".

I'll try and post the monthly wrap up later today

M x

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