Monday, 1 February 2016


After Christmas Adam got me an early birthday present and I have been snapping happy all month, I didn't realise how big our month was until I started making this post... The post includes the days prior to Christmas as I had some photos on my camera from a few things I couldn't leave out.

 Joselyn learning to ride her new bike, Henry with big smiles for mummy and learning to sit up all by himself.

We took a trip down to brunswick heads prior to new year to escape the wind and get out of the house.  It was a lovely day and we had morning tea on the river and an explore of the local parks followed by lunch at the Pub, it was Sunday vibes but on a Monday. We loved having daddy on holidays.


I've been attempting all month to get a great shot showing the moments that these two share but I just can't seem to capture it instead I get wrestling matches and headlocks and one looking but the other not or ones eyes closed.  I would really just settle for a nice photo to send to the Grandparents.





We had some visitors between Christmas and New Year.  Harrison our nephew and Joselyn and Henry's cousin came to visit with his parents Shell and Mat.  Plus at the same time we also had Ang, Craig and their three kids Lilah, Max and Oliver.  It was so lovely to have them here and watch Joselyn interact and play with kids that are family.  Made me yearn to move home to be closer to this.  We spent New Years Eve together which was lovely because I would often spend new years with Michelle and Ang and it has been at least 12 years since we have been together.  For Adam and Michelle's parents we tried to capture a photo of the 3 Grandkids and let me tell you, this was even more challenging than capturing a photo of my two!

Henry has been on the move, first he moved to solid foods and from eating them in the bouncer to eating in the High Chair, he is really such a happy little boy and enjoying eating most of the time when you can get him to focus on what he is doing - he is such a sticky beak.

Joselyn has spent the entire month nude or in very little clothing.  With Henry on the move she has had to retreat to higher ground when playing the iPad or he gets a hold of it and knocks it down. He is also very interested in anything she is eating so that has meant that tv breakfasts or lunches are a thing of the past... Hooray!

Before School went back we went to Scott's Head with Aunty Kate for a holiday. We decided to do a day trip to Ricardo's tomatoes and pick some strawberries it was so hot we could barely stand the heat but we did get some yummy strawberries. 

We also visited Billabong Koala Zoo, it was a really fun place to visit just didn't pick the best day to visit as I think it was the hottest day ever. We got to pat a crocodile and feed some kangaroos and it was very exciting but just too hot... 

The exciting part about visiting Nana and poppy this time was that Nanny June was there too!  Joselyn and Nanny June both love playing in the Spa, Joselyn held Nanny June hostage in the spa for a few hours not letting her out because they were having too much fun.

While in Scotts Head Joselyn got to help Poppy in the garden, she had much joy in picking the cucumbers and beans and bringing them up to Nana in the Kitchen.


We always like to have a play at the park in Scotts Head and an ice cream at the shop when we are done. Joselyn took her dolly to the park with us this time and I couldn't help but smile as she talked to her on the way back.

Back at home we've continued to watch Henry learn how to move around. He's been a busy boy cutting 4 teeth since we got back from Scotts Head, and therefore hasn't been his happiest and not sleeping his best so there have been lots of snuggles on the lounge.

With the heat we've spent a bit of time playing around in the back yard. Joselyn has been practicing her camera eye and took her first photo on mummy's new camera of mummy.

Joselyn has been doing lots of playing on her new outdoor playground and has mastered the "Bottom Jump". Henry had his first "Jump" on the trampoline with Daddy (I simply love the photo I captured of Adam in Daddy mode totally unaware of me clicking away)

Henry is just such a Happy little man.

We've had to introduce "washing hair" excitement of creating mohawks 

Henry has started to explore, discovered Minnie and how to stand up in his cot... 

 Joselyn found great joy in finally mastering the Woolworths animal card sound maker... It's only taken a year (I will admit I find it quiet tricky myself)

Henry has been mastering the "table" it was fun to pull this out after it's been in hiding from Joselyn's toddler days.

and enjoyed exploring the toy room on Joselyn Kindy days

We found a new spot that will absolutely become a favourite and spent a little Sunday afternoon cooling off and enjoying the last of the sunshine for January 2016... until a storm came and chased us away.

Oh and I almost forgot Rapunzel played in her castle...

This post was a lot bigger than I anticipated might have to break it up next month...
M x

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