Sunday, 21 February 2016


I didn't think I would get this week done I didn't pull the camera out until yesterday but here we are Week 8 ready and loaded.

"Sunshine hair" I had two lovely shots of Joselyn this week and I just couldn't pick so Joselyn picked for me (I'm actually surprised she picked this one).  This photo is of Joselyn taking in the amazing Sandcastles by the beach in Surfers Paradise.  She was thrilled to see all her favourite characters built in Sand.  It was the afternoon so the sun was shining through the buildings, I just love how her hair gets that wave to it post swims.

"Too hot to handle" We've had a trying week of sleep this week, Henry is at the relationships wonder week and basically isn't satisfied unless he is being held or I am close by within touching distance... its been too hot to cuddle up all day on the lounge and help him through this milestone so I got the pram out & he has spent the week having day sleeps under the fan in the Kitchen with me close by.... Whatever work hey!

We are off on an adventure this week so next week we should have some exciting snaps from or mini break!!

M xo

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