Tuesday, 9 February 2016


A bit late with this week's post usually like to do it on Monday's but Master Henry was not really enjoying being left to his own devices on Monday and that included sleep...  Either way I got there and have these lovely shots from the week prior....  Not sure on the Technicality but I did take the two beach ones on a Sunday...

Banana Masher - The first shot is of Henry with his banana, I find it quiet dark (especially compared to the other two) but it was in the afternoon so the light wasn't awesome. He has been a bit of a grizzly bear this week and I have found myself giving him anything I can to get me sometime, it is only the second time I have given him some banana to munch on and he is pretty impressed with himself, he did end up choking on it and vomiting it all back up on the tray table, live and learn Henry....  I could get lost in those eyes!

We spend a Sunday afternoon down at the creek just the four of us, it was such a lovely time and I'm so glad that Adam convinced me to get out of the house and come down, Joselyn had a ball strutting around in just her swimmer bottoms and sunnies.  The two photos are of this trip and I think capture it really well.  It was light bright and relaxed!

"Beachy Keen Jelly Bean" is Joselyn having so much fun running backwards and forwards from the sand to the water. She has really conquered all fears of the water this summer

"Beach Babe" is Adam ready to catch Joselyn as she runs backwards & forwards.  I love this man and the family we have created together.  He is such a good dad and takes care of us all so well.

See you next week

M x

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