Monday, 1 February 2016


It has been so steamy we have spent a lot of time indoors with the blinds down this week trying to escape the heat. We've had rain and storms which you think would cool everything down but it only makes it all worse plus it brings out the "bities" aka midges so to try and avoid being covered in bites we have been staying indoors in the morning and afternoons. Due to all the indoors time this week's photos are a lot darker than what I would usually like but, I'm still playing with my manual settings trying to get it right.

"Eye see you" I love this photo of Joselyn, she has spent pretty much the entire week nude or in her undies, this was captured during rest time (TV time), we were laying watching Tangled and I looked up to see her looking just gorgeous, her hair a mess post swimming lessons, eyes peeking over her knee watching the television.

"Door Man" Henry has been missing outside time the most and has been sitting in his favourite spot watching by the door Minnie and Joselyn play outside.  It seems cruel but it's hard because he is covered in bites from a moment outside. Insect repellant isn't something that I really want to put on his skin while he's so young and the yard spray doesn't seem to do anything. This week he has mastered pulling himself up on everything the cot, the lounge, the side of the bath and anything in between but he hasn't quiet mastered the art of getting back down.

I'll be working on a Monthly snapshot to show off all the other photos I've taken that didn't make the cut but first I've got to work on creating space on our computer we seem to be at capacity and deleting anything let alone memories....

M x 

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