Wednesday, 30 March 2016


I'm a bit late this week, we've been away again & It might be cheating but I'm not sure if these photos should be week 13 or 14, either way they are my week 13's picks.  Minnie scrapped in this week too!

"I'm not scared" we accidentally got dumped last time we were at Scotts Head beach so this has giving us a fear of the waves again, something I thought we had gotten past.  This trip we seemed to be back on the horse but a quick check over the shoulder to check there are no "big" waves on the horizon is always good beach practice - a little bit of fear of the water isn't a bad thing!

"Sandman" Henry just loved the sand, he played with it put it in his mouth and had an absolute ball.  While checking this photo he took of crawling down the beach after his dad I looked up to see him gone and almost a the waters edge about to be taken out by a shore wave, camera and all I ran down and swooped him up... a little reminder for me to never take my eyes away around water!

"Brown Eyes" my fur baby got to come to Scotts Head too this trip, she was so happy to be away with us but once again upon our return yesterday she has the post holiday blues, she won't even get out of bed to bark at the postman... Poor Minnie.

M x

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