Friday, 1 April 2016

Sleepless Nights

They say sleep deprivation is a form of torture... I personally haven't been tortured by the CIA but with Henry waking at constant intervals through the night I can see how this is possible. I'm tired, cranky, and have difficulties concentrating. I'm having problems with reading and speaking clearly, poor judgment, and a considerable increase in appetite.  My research says If the deprivation continues, the worsening effects include disorientation, visual misperceptions, severe lethargy, and social withdrawal plus Sleep deprivation is also a known contribution to postnatal depression.

The thing is he sleeps... If I feed him or rock him he sleeps all the time. The problem is he wakes up, sometimes after the first sleep cycle, some nights two hourly, three hourly and even 4 hourly! It's unpredictable and it all started when he started standing.

I feel like a crazy lady that analyzes every move I made before a good sleep to try & get a reenactment. One night we provided scrambled eggs for dinner and I awoke at 5am with a fright that something bad had happened to him because he'd slept... I tried everything exactly the same for the next week - day sleep times food intake & we were right back at hourly cuddles! 

Most mornings I wake confused & disorientated unsure of how many times I actually got up, I feel like I was a drunk trying to piece together a night out on the town.

People tell me it's food, it's teeth, it's a phase, and to try the sleep School, nanny or Tizzy hall but do you know what Joselyn did the same thing! I'm trying to remind myself, of that constantly and the catch phrase this too shall pass. Joselyn is now 3 and she sleeps, I need to enjoy the cuddles, enjoy the phase, and remember it will be all over soon! 

M x

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