Sunday, 3 April 2016


Here we are another month in to the year and it's been another exciting one. We started off this month catching up on our monthly photos for Henry.  He is growing so fast and is such a character with such a big beautiful smile.

Again we spent a lot of time hanging around the house playing, me with my camera settings and the kids with anything we could find in our path.  Like sprinklers.

High heels...

Big smiles...


 Or just Henry's Bed

 We rediscovered the park with 3 slides and the lake that we could cool off in, we fed the ducks and walked to and from to burn our energy.

Joselyn became a really good big sister learning to share her things and even pushed Henry in the swing, it's beautiful to watch the relationship between the two of them grow.

We had a morning stand up paddle boarding in Currumbin creek, unfortunately Adam didn't realise the camera was on manual so the actual photos of paddle boarding were over exposed but we have a lovely photo of Henry doing what he does best sleeping on our blanket under the tree and one photo of Joselyn and I swimming in the creek the weather was amazing. 

We went to Paradise country and Joselyn was lucky enough to feed the baby goats some milk from the bottle, she was very excited, and she took her brother for a drive in the vintage car.

Gma and Pa arrived for a week's holiday and their hotel had a pool so we played in it.... Well Henry slept under trees mostly.

Henry's Baptism saw us surrounded by our family, it was lovely to have so many people around to celebrate.

And then we headed to Scotts Head again for Easter.  It was very "Egg-citing" the easter bunny came and ate the carrot we left for him, he left foot prints all through the house and a trail of chocolate eggs for us to follow!

We spent a lot of time at the beach and played in the rock pools at low tide, it was really fun.

Bathtime at Nana's always is fun.

And then finally some snaps taken from swimming lessons this week.

Another Amazing month filled with more amazing memories.  Such a full heart and feeling so blessed.

M x

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