Monday, 18 April 2016


 "Dancing to her own beat" we have been playing dress ups a lot this week, I love listening to her imagination running wild.  This was captured as she was dancing to a sesame street song in the lounge room dressed up as princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, I could watch her dance and sing all day but these days when she catches me watching she stops... I hope she finds the ability to dance like no one is watching again one day!

"One Hundred and fifty Lashes" I was worried that Henry wasn't going to inherit his dad's amazing eye lashes but has time passes they are appearing one by one.  This photo shows our week as it was, a snotty and tired little guy that just has to be touching mummy.  I keep reminding myself "this too shall pass" as our sleepless nights and daily torture of teething continue, before too long I'll be able to resume my daily duties without Henry fastened to my hip and I might even miss him!

M x

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