Monday, 9 May 2016


"Driving me Crazy" I couldn't decide between two photos for J this week, this one where you can see the joy jumping out of the screen as she races to the finish line at movie world on the taxi ride that she loves so much or the second where you could see the rage in her eyes as she yelled "no more photos mummy" at me.  These highs and lows have been a common feature this week, tears one minute and fits of laughter the next.  It's not all roses but its not all bad either, tears usually end in a big Mummy cuddle!

"Two Hands"  This guy has got braver this week he has been standing without holding on to things, I can feel those first steps looming.  He's still very clingy and wants to be near me if he hears or sees me, but he is very cheeky and very cute. He has been following his sister around the house and trying to join her games.  He loves any attention and loves to be where all the action is, this is where he is completely different to Joselyn.  The swing is where he is exactly like Joselyn, he'd sit all day in the swing if we let him.

Similar theme in this week's photos they are both looking left... just picked up on that.

M x

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