Monday, 30 May 2016


"Sunny Skies and Sprinkles" I don't know what it is about this photo of Joselyn maybe its the memory attached but we have been housebound most of the week due to illness so went to the park for a play after we went and got sprinkle buns and sat on our blanket right near the grass hill.  Joselyn wanted to do sprints up the top of the hill bun in hand she ran to the top and twirled around and around.

"Bath Time Boogie" The nights and afternoons are getting cooler and because everyone has had a runny nose I've been doing early baths.  Henry loves the bath especially when he gets to share it with Joselyn.  I feel like a broken record playing a combination "on your bottom", "sit down please",  and "Jossie had that first" but look at that smile.

I was a bit early last week with the half way call, not sure what I was thinking still another 4 to go before I've made it half way!

M x

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