Sunday, 15 May 2016


"Bow Ties"  Joselyn's cupboard has been constantly open this week and clothes have continually been draped over the floor, it seems she has discovered clothes or rather that she can choose her own clothes... It has been a bit of a struggle for me as I have pretty much had a little doll for almost 4 years and got to dress her in stylish little outfits.  I am trying to embrace this new found independence but I will admit it is tough not to chime in with an opinion or two... On the flip side she does have a funky sense of style, and has already started raiding her Brother's wardrobe.

"Teeth" there they are, look at them all!  He is such a happy boy at times.  As I type this he is climbing up my leg, he does make me laugh.  He is already displaying a temper if things don't go his way and the cheeky grin that goes with it tells me he isn't going to be an easy ride!

Almost half way pretty impressed with my progress thus far.

M x

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