Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I pick you!

Today we had a third Tuesday of the month play date. It's a monthly thing we go to the local shopping center & they have a show & activities for the kids. We were killing time waiting for the show to start & the other mummies went to gather tea to help us survive the next few hours so I was in charge. I had three almost 4 year old girls and two 1 year old boys. The boys were banging on a wall & I suggested to the girls we play duck, duck, goose. They all wanted to go first, I decided to be fair I should go first. I walked around the circle saying duck several times & maybe that was the issue but I thought it wouldn't be fair to pick Joselyn so I picked one of the other girls. Then the other girl picked the other girl & then Joselyn was picked last. 

Now it's really not a huge issue but Sitting here on reflection of my day, I'm overcome with emotion as I think about J's little face when I didn't pick her. I should have picked her & I know that in the grand scheme of things it does not matter but it totally does in a almost 4 year olds mind.

I should always pick her, I do always pick her. It's okay to show the world she is my favorite because quite simply she is! I hope next time I remember that!

M x

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