Sunday, 1 May 2016


I'm actually loving this monthly reminder of what we have done over the month... makes me realise that we do get out of the house and have fun!

The month started with Henry's 9 month photos - I was late again, look at those eyes!

 We had a visit from my friend Lauren who has just returned from a year teaching in South Korea, it was so lovely to spend some time with her and introduce her to the new man in my life, Henry!  We spent a bit of time with her hanging around the pool at the casino, which is where she was staying.  They have recently done it up so it was nice to have a sticky.

 Henry sleeping by the pool, another photo for the henry sleeping series!!

Since we've had so many long weekend's and Easter, Adam has been home so we've been doing a lot of outdoor playtime.... There were pirates.

That cute little bottom.

Tent parties

 And Chocolate cake for no reason

The princess Dresses have got a workout this month, we have them in the dress up corner in the playroom and J is constantly changing in and out of them.

Henry's discovered the stacking rings and stacking cups, he likes to pull the rings off the stack and eat them... same with the cups

 He's constantly at my side and as clingy as ever.

And we are still having our day sleeps in the pram.... whatever works!

They are starting to play together, this was them being bears going in and out of their cave.

We had some more adventures at Sea World this time with Aunty Kate, Adam was busy doing house renovations.

More photos for the sleeping series.

Joselyn rode on the Banana's for the first time alone, she made a little friend on the ride and was so cute when she got off asking her if she had fun and was excited to try another ride.

That smile lights up my world!

I didn't quiet capture it but she was stroking Kate's hair as they watched the "golfin's"

Sticky Beak

She loves the log ride:

Henry's first Merry-go-round ride.

Henry is ten months and I took the photos on time!!!

Joselyn has been obsessed with wearing her tutu, she can put it on herself now so that's a bonus. 

Henry has been enjoying the freedom of pushing something and walking around on his own.  The lion has been a favourite this month.

Playing in the street, I have a feeling I've got many years ahead of sitting on the driveway watching them ride back and forth

Some Fun to be had at Southport parklands...  We'll be back another day when it's not raining!


Sorry it's a bit big this month, but I have trouble culling
M x

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